Trick Land Based Casinos Use to Keep You Playing

November 14, 2017

Casinos are no doubt one of the most popular activities in the world, and today there are hundreds of thousands of land based casinos across the globe. Casinos are definitely not new, and in just New Zealand alone, there is at least one in every major city, and each one has been around for a few decades now. This means that casinos have had the time to learn exactly how to manipulate their visitors into staying and playing. These different tricks have been designed to give casinos a better land based casino edge, while simultaneously being the answer to why are online casinos better.

What Is The House Edge?

The land based casino edge, also known as the house edge, is an important factor in why physical casinos have become so predatory over the years. The edge is essentially how these casinos make their money, using methods to ensure that every time a player invests money in a game or machine, the chance is that most of that money goes straight to the house. This edge is what has made casinos rich. This is also why these tricks that casinos use on their players have become so prevalent in New Zealand. These are some of the tricks that some of these establishments use to give themselves a better land based casino edge. The house edge is not as big a factor with online casinos, and part of the reason why online casinos are better overall.

Land Based Casino Tricks

  • No Clocks: Next time you visit a land based casino, look around at the walls – you will notice there are no clocks. They do this on purpose so that players can’t keep track of the time.
  • No Windows: This applies again, if you’re at a casino, you may notice that there are no windows showing the outside world. This is also so that players lose track of time, and can’t see the light changing.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol is served at just about any land based casino, and this is done to try and make their players more susceptible to the draw of the games.
  • Navigation: Physical casinos are designed to be difficult to navigate, and are built to be like a maze. This makes it difficult for players to lose, and increases the chances that they will become stuck and simply play more games.
  • Near Wins: Many games in casinos have been altered to give players the feeling that they are close to winning. Whether it’s one card of one more 7 on a slot machine, everything is built to give you the impression that you were that close to winning big.

Why Are Online Casinos Better?

The first and foremost reason as to why online casinos are better is the sheer convenience of enjoying your favourite casino games online from the comfort of your own home. This also means avoiding all the tricks that casinos employ to keep you playing, as you can simply switch off your game whenever you choose to, while not losing money to the land based casino edge.

Online casinos continue to become more and more popular in New Zealand, and they are starting to eclipse land based casinos as more players stay at home to play their games every day making many understand why online casinos in New Zealand are better.

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