A Helpful Glossary of Casino Terms

The world of online casinos is a big place, and over the last century since casinos first saw prominence, there have been a lot of terms and phrases added to the various games and the rules attached to those games. This did not change with online casinos, and today there are dozens and dozens of different terms that may seem alien to new players, and even to some experienced players. The easiest way to remedy this is to learn all these terms through our glossary so that you can enjoy your favourite games without getting lost or confused.


Advantaged Player: This applies to a player that has some kind of advantage over the house that they are playing against, most often associated with card games like blackjack.

Ante: A term used to describe a pool or bet that the player needs to add to before the game can start.


Banker: Another word used when referring to the house or dealer.

Bankroll: This is the sum of funds that the player has available when playing games online.

Bonus: A special reward often attached to games that a casino will offer.


Cash Out: This is when a player decides to withdraw their money from the casino.

Casino Advantage: When the house has some type of advantage over the player. More commonly referred to as the house edge.

Cold Steak: When a player has a string of bad luck with whichever game they are playing, it is known as a cold streak.

Comp Points: Most casinos will offer their players special points that they can earn through a variety of methods. These points can then be used to make use of other services that the casino may offer.


Dealer: The person that manages the cards. While most often found with a land-based casino, many online sites offer players live dealers during the games.

Deposit: This is the act of adding money to your online casino account.

Download Client: This is a type of online casino that can be downloaded to a mobile device or casino.


Edge: The advantage that a casino or player will have in a game.


G: Gambler’s Fallacy: The belief that the future outcome of certain events can be altered by events that happened previously.


High Roller: Players that play for extremely high stakes.

Hot Streak: A string of successful casino game wins.

House Rules: The rules and regulations that a casino puts in place over their services and games.


Instant Casino: An online casino that can be loaded and player straight away.


Jackpot: The overall winnings that can be earned through a game like slots.


Layout: How a gaming table is presented.

Lobby: A hub for many players at a time to enjoy online games like bingo.

Loyalty Bonus: Rewards given to players that remain loyal to a casino.


Marker: A type of credit used by players at an online casino.


Payout percentage: The percentage amount that the player will receive in returns if they win at a game.

Progressive Jackpot: Similar to a normal jackpot, except this one is linked to multiple games and builds up over time.


Sign-up Bonus: A unique reward players can receive for signing up with a new casino.

Stake: The amount of money bet on the outcome of a game.


Wagering Requirements: The total sum of money that a player needs to deposit in order to be liable for any bonuses or for withdrawals.

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